Zong Zing Allstars

Our top of the bill line-up for Saturday night is the amazing Zong Zing Allstars from the Dem. Republic of Congo.

The Zong Zing All Stars play the uplifting dance music ‘Cavacha’ which is the core Central African rhythm that gave rise to ‘Soukous’ in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ‘Makosa’ in Cameroon and ‘Coupez Decallez’ in the Ivory Coast.

‘Cavacha’ is a highly danceable style characterised by tight guitar sections, soaring vocal harmonies and heavy percussion, reaching a crescendo during the ‘Seben’ and is arguably one of the most infectiously danceable forms of music in the world.

The band’s musical credibility is strictly heavyweight with its core members having in the past played with Orchestra Virunga of Samba Mapangala, Ok Jazz of Franco Makiadi, and Big Musica of Defao.

Their sound is a product of the fusion between the pan-African and worldly musical influences in the band which creates a modern musical form that is steeped in folkloric heritage. The band are truly bringing the Authentic Sounds of the London-African Underground to the Mainstream.

Zong Zing All Star’s musicians:
Fiston Lusambo lead guitarist and leader of the band, Orchestra Virunga of Samba Mapangala and Rumba ray de Maray of Papa Wemba
Gianni Caluci main singer, Rumba ray de Maray of Papa Wemba and Big Musica of Defao
Padou Machine drummer, Defao of Big Musica and Choc Star
Saidi Kanda conga player, Orchestra Matimbila of Remi Ongala
Ladi Mbala rhythm guitar and vocal, Big Musica of Defao
Claude Mushi bass guitar, Big Musica of Defao
Nzaya Nzayadio played with Lipua Lipua, Afrisa international of Rochereau, and Choc Star
Other players Papy Luyeye bass guitar and Burkina Faso lead guitar all from Big Musica of Defao

Click here to see a live video