Slim Pickings

Dub Reggae/Hip-Hop Performance on Friday evening

Slim Pickings are an 8-strong Reggae/Dub force. 2016 saw them release their debut single 'Dem Fall' with a video to boot, which has been highly praised. Many members bring to the table different inspirations and influences, from 70/80's reggae, modern reggae to hip-hop.

Drawn together by their distinctly empty pockets and their collective love of reggae music, soon enough, a band was formed. Sometimes, something just feels right, this wasn't one of those times but they did it anyway! Rehearsals were missed and debts were racked up, cables broke and pedals packed up, but despite all adversity Slim Pickings came out stronger than ever, with their own unique style of modern, urban energetic, 'feel good' reggae. They turn anywhere that they can afford to get to, into a party.

Still in the baby years, the band have quickly picked up a strong following through venue and festival dates all over the UK. The band are currently recording a second EP which is set to be released later in 2019!

People have said things like 'that was cool' and 'I loved it' - we are sure you will too!

Year Contributions
2019 Performance