Mohamed Gueye

The Tama or talking drum is an hourglass-shaped drum from West Africa, whose pitch can be regulated to mimic the tone and prosody of human speech. It has two drumheads connected by leather tension cords, which allow the player to modulate the pitch of the drum by squeezing the cords between their arm and body. A skilled player is able to play whole phrases.

Mohamed Gueye is a West African percussionist based in London. Born into a large griot family of drummers from Dakar in Senegal, Mohamed learnt the Tama talking drum, Sabar and Djembe drum with his father and grandfather from the age of 5 and has been playing professionally since the age of 15. 

Passed down to him by his ancestors, Mohamed has a detailed understanding of Sabar rhythms and the history of Senegalese culture.  Alongside this, Mohamed has had a long love affair with the Tama drum and is highly sought after for his explosive performances and patient teaching.

He has performed at festivals across the UK including Womad, African Drum Village, Drum Camp, Africa Oye and BEATS Cornwall with African stars such as Baaba Maal, Carlou D, Aida Samb and Africa Express.  

We are very pleased to invite him back once again to teach both Tama and Sabar at The World Music Workshop festival.

See video of Mohamed, click here

Year Contributions
2019 Workshops and performance
2018 Workshops and performance
2017 Workshops and performance