Michelle Pender

Michelle Pender is a popular teacher and performer with over 16 years experience under her belt in Egyptian/ North African Roots Belly Dance and Tribal Fusion.

She has a wealth of teaching experience including Raks Britannia, Tribal London, MAJMA, Tribe of Doris, Joy, Fantasia, The Tribal Gathering and many others. She is also the owner of one the countries most popular and favourite Bazaars - WHIRLING DERVISH (which will be at this event ).

Michelle has years of experience trading in Egypt and Turkey including running holidays in these countries. Her eclectic style reflects her taste in world music and her workshops are aimed at improving technique and having fun.

This year the Middle Eastern Dance and Drumming workshops will collaborate daily using a theme. So for example; one day the Drumming workshops will look at Egyptian Rhythms and the Dance workshops will then teach traditional Egyptian dance styles. Other days will develop Moroccan or Turkish dance and drumming collaborations. Should make for a fascinating fusion of workshops over the three days.

Students are welcome to attend both workshops to see the connection between the rhythms and dance and there will be opportunity for students to play or dance in the other’s workshop.

Also this year all workshops will be accompanied by live music provided by MAZAJ - comprising of Russell Harris, Maren Lueg and Bland Mahdi playing a selection of traditional instruments such as the Oud, Ney and Duduk.


Year Contributions

Middle Eastern dance workshops and performance