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Michael Davidson – Ukelele Workshops

Michael Davidson has worked as a community music workshop leader for 30 years, and has trained music tutors for Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Norfolk Music Education Hubs. He is currently also a doctoral researcher at SOAS, working on how music services can develop musical inclusion practice derived from participatory world music cultures.
The Ukelele workshops he will run at The World Music Workshop Festival are based on the work of ethnomusicologist John Blacking. 

In 1968, the anthropologist John Blacking described how the Venda of the North Transvaal gifted young men at transition to adulthood a one note reed pipe, to demonstrate how they need to cooperate, both to make music, and to become a responsible citizen.

This relaxed and joyful workshop uses hockets to help a group of people who may not have met or played music before, make music and build community at the same time. It blurs the boundaries between workshop and performance.

Hockets are where each person plays one note and combines with others to play riffs and tunes.

They are found in medieval music, in the English Folk handbell tradition, in progressive rock and also in African Music.

The workshop uses this approach to get everyone involved, and to learn the basics of classical guitar technique, then develops music from social interaction, building hypnotic riffs and improvisation.

It's suitable for beginners or experienced players, and also offers creative ideas to help music tutors teach music in groups.

Workshops can accommodate a maximum of 25 participants. Expect relaxed, joyful hypnotic grooves.

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