Mariana Pinho/Gandaia Arts

Mariana will be leading dance workshops based that will pay homage to the Iyabas: Oxum, Iansa and Yemanja through the moves and inspiration that each power of nature these deities represents: the river, waterfalls, the wind and the sea!

Mariana is a dance teacher, choreographer and costume designer. She is a producer of cultural interchange between Brazil and the UK and has performed around the world.

She returns to Brazil each year to keep current on the latest dance steps and is also dedicated to preserving and carrying on the old traditional rhythms such as Maracatu and Coco from Pernambuco, samba reggae and ijexa from Bahia.

Mariana's dances are rich, lively, and the music always intense. These classes are well in demand at The World Music Workshop Festival so we hope you’ll enjoy them once more this year.

Here's a video of Mariana leading the Samba procession at Drum Camp 2015

Year Contributions
2019 Brazilian Dance Workshops
2018 Brazilian Dance Workshops
2017 Brazilian Dance Workshops

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