Kakatsitsi & David Mbilou

Kakatsitsi – Ghanaian Drumming and singing
David Mbilou - Gabonese Bwiti Ngaga

The Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana are one of Africa’s leading traditional drumming groups.

Over 12 UK tours, including appearances at WOMAD, Glastonbury and numerous folk festivals, they have wowed audiences with their combination of funky, accessible dance grooves and five-part harmony singing, the quality of which sets them aside from most other drumming groups. They have recently added two female dancers to their line-up who perform some of Ghana’s most popular traditional dances as well as leading the audience in some follow-the-leader collective traditional dancing.

Kakatsitsi originate from the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana – a people who before colonisation were ruled by their traditional priests, the Wolomei. Their performance includes a traditional ‘Libation’ ceremony in which the drummers summon the spirits of their ancestors to sanctify and bless the gathering.

They also play the powerful, 5ft high ceremonial Fonton From drums which play patterns of drum language in call and response with the Atumpani talking drums which were used in pre-modern times to communicate between villages.

While some rhythms and chants are more traditional, others are newly composed and designed to appeal to the western ear and to get a western dance.

David Mbilou is an Ngaga or spiritual healer, dancer and musician from Gabon. David specialises in the Moungongo or mouth bow with the monostring. (The famous harp that speaks with the ancestors), also, the Etsika, the Ciessi horse antelope horn used to call spirits.

Kaktsitsi and David will be running percussion and dance workshops as well as a performance Sunday evening. A real treat is in store!

Video link of kakatsitsi here
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2019 Workshops and Performance