Jokeh Sillah

Jokeh Sillah is a Gambian dance artiste, internationally recognised for her knowledge and inspirational teaching techniques of traditional West African Manding Dance. Her entire life has been dedicated to music and dance with a particularly great understanding and appreciation of West African Culture.

According to her official site, as sole manager of her own dance group "African Ballet" established since 1989, Jokeh remains responsible for all music and dance arrangements. The Gambian based drum and dance ballet troupe currently includes many artistes from Guinea, The Gambia and Senegal, continues to be a platform for past and present performers establishing recognition teaching and performing around The World. "African Ballet" still remains the most successful djembe dance troupe in The Gambia, regularly performing at roots and culture festivals, major hotels and ceremonies.

Jokeh will be teaching both beginner and intermediate level dance and will be joining Tanante on Saturday evening in concert.

Year Contributions

Manding dance workshops and performance