Duda Moleque de Rua

Duda Ferreira started up a band in the 80’s by inviting kids from his neighbourhood, Vila Santa Catarina, in the Zona Sul of the city of San Paulo. With no resources for conventional instruments, he built percussion instruments using age-old street ideas for recycling stuff from local tips. He took the band to perform their first piece, Moleque de Rua, (Street Kid) at a neighbourhood festival with 18-litre cans and broom handles, and they won first prize.

Duda went on to develop a whole range of percussion instruments from recycled materials: the chinelophone (cardboard tubes played with flip flops), the tamborinophone (PVC tube drums), the bateria de latas (an assembly of tin cans, saucepans and frying pans), the guitambau and the berimbaixo.

The in-coming generation of "Moleques", have grown up in and around the favelas of Alegria and Coreia with the sound of "Moleque de Rua", dying to get their hands on that percussion. And now they have come into their own.

We are truly honoured to be in the presence of this incredibly creative and pioneering artist. Duda will run a junk instrument making workshop in our AAA -  Access All Ages tent, and will following the making part with a music workshop using instruments you have made along with his own fantastic percussion creations. 

Year Contributions
2019  Instrument-making & junk percussion rhythm workshop
2017 Instrument-making & performance