Colomboloco shows blend dynamic and eclectic folk Mediterranean beats from across Southern Europe with Tarantella, Classical Opera, as well as Greek, Spanish and Turkish traditional music in an epic journey around the globe worthy of Colombus himself.

 The band’s musicians hail from Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey, performing in South Italian dialect, Italian, Spanish and also in English, French, Hebrew and Russian.

 In 2010, Francesco, from Italy, had a clear idea of the type of band that he wanted to create and so he started looking and listening around to make his dream come true. That's how he found the other current members of Colomboloco one by one in many different venues of London, and the band composed of Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain’s most talented and ambitious musicians was then born.

 Francesco, Ayoze, Luigi, Berdin and Stelios created together the natural on-stage presence and energy that they had all been searching for throughout their careers and journeys. Their shared passion for genre-blending musical adventures and theatricality draws its inspiration from the unique backgrounds of each member: Francesco’s classical operatic training, Stelios' immersion in the Greek classical scene, Ayoze's mastery of Flamenco and Afro-Latin rhythm, Luigi who is the Jazz soul of the band and Berdin's traditional Turkish music.

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2019 Performance 
2014 Performance