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This year, the 'Middle Eastern Dance and Drumming' workshops will collaborate daily using a theme. So for example; one day the Drumming workshops will look at Egyptian Rhythms and the Dance workshops will then teach traditional Egyptian dance styles. Students are welcome to attend both workshops to see the connection between the rhythms and dance and there will be opportunity for students to play or dance in the other’s workshop. Also this year, all workshops will be accompanied by live music provided by MAZAJ - comprising of Russell Harris, Maren Lueg and Bland Mahdi playing a selection of traditional instruments such as the Oud, Ney and Duduk

Chas has been learning, performing and teaching Arabic percussion for around 25 years. The term 'Arabic’ is used in a generic sense to cover a wide area where similar styles, rhythms, technique and drums are found. i.e North Africa, the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf and some Mediterranean countries. Visits to Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Israel have been inspirational in learning more about the drums and the cultural background of the music. 

Chas will introduce the correct playing techniques and introduce the commonly found rhythms of the Middle East, across a variety of Arabic percussion instruments, including frame drums, the goblet shaped Darabuka and other various percussion. All traditional drums and percussion are provided and he will have instruments and teaching resources available for sale. These workshops are open to all levels and students of all abilities will be catered for in any of his workshops. Students are welcome to request special one-to-one tuition if they have specific and / or advanced techniques they wish to cover, and this can be arranged so as to fall outside the regular workshop slots. 

All will be performing on our opening night under the name Mazaj.


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