Camilo Menjura & Diego Laverde Rojas

Latin American music and song with Camilo Menjura and Diego Laverde Rojas

An opportunity to enjoy an uplifting, inspiring and varied performance featuring the Colombian Harp, Guitar, Vocals and some South American instruments bringing to life beautiful melodies and contagious rhythms from Latin America such as the Colombian "Cumbia", the Argentinian "Zamba", the Venezuelan "Joropo" and the Cuban 'Son".

Camilo Menjura and Diego Laverde Rojas are two exceptional Colombian musicians who will make you feel the warmth of the Latin American altitudes, with a careful selection of songs and instrumental pieces that reflect the variety, complexity and beauty of this music.

Performing for us on Saturday night, be ready to be serenaded with the strings of the Harp and the Cuatro, as well as the Andean Flute and the soothing sound of the voice. 


Born in Bogota, Colombia, Camilo Menjura started playing guitar at the age of 10 and went on to become a versatile and award-winning musician. Camilo also plays several other instruments from South America such as Tiple, Cuatro and Charango, and also a little bit of Quena (flute).

In 2012 he started the London Colombian Choir in 2012 & 2013. He runs the LOLCHOIR  Landscapes of American Choir and the SOAS World Music Choir as well as other singing ensembles. For the last few years he’s been committed to performing with a variety of bands that range from Afro-Colombian & Afro-Peruvian music to Andean Jazz, Sudanese Fusion Music and English pop/folk. He is in high demand and always has a number of projects, commissions and collaborations on the go. His guitar playing has been featured in TV Series, The Fixer, on ITV seasons 1 and 2, the Scottish film, Donkeys and the documentary Winds of Change.

Workshop information: Let your voice take off, your body be moved and your soul expanded with the magic and wonderful music from Latin America. Camilo will be focusing his sessions towards 3 specific countries: COLOMBIA, PERU & SPAIN. He will explore rhythms and melodies from those parts of the world through a selection of wonderful and memorable songs that have a very strong relationship with drumming, and influences that connect African sounds with indigenous beats and even gypsy melodies via Spain.

The workshop welcomes everyone regardless of previous music knowledge, singing experience or knowledge of the language (Spanish).

Everything is taught by ear, and without realising, attendants will find themselves singing in a different language, smiling and feeling the beauty of the joyful and soulful songs chosen.

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