Ben Lawrence

Ben Lawrence will be teaching Ghanaian Xylophone  at ths year's World Music Workshop Festival.

Traditional Ghanaian Xylphones or Gyile, are from the Silsala Tribe North West Ghana. They are traditionally tuned and have resonators on every gourd, to make them buzz.

Ben Lawrence has been playing music all his life, a ‘cellist from 9, studying music at Dartington College of Arts from 18. Ben has really lifted Drum Camp over the past few years with beautiful music and wonderful workshops spanning a whole gamut of Ghanaian percussion and xylophone compositions.

Ben’s xylophone and percussion workshops are very accessible to all, and even just listening to one of his classes is a real pleasure. 

Year Contributions
2019  Ghanaian Xylophone Workshops
2018 Ghanaian Xylophone/Percussion Workshops
2017 Ghanaian Xylophone/Percussion Workshops
2016 Ghanaian Xylophone/Percussion Workshops