Bear Love

Bear Love will be running 'sound bath' sessions again at this year’s World Music Workshop Festival.

Bear Love is a master of playing harmonic gongs, a chorus of angelic crystal singing bowls, deep-grounding didgeridoos, beautiful bells, sonic waterphone whale sounds, dreamy chimes and potent old Tibetan shaman instruments. He owns the world’s largest custom production gong (2.11 metres wide) which is also the only one made in a golden colour, which reflects like the morning sun.

Experience the gentle, full spectrum of sound of this gong, which vibrates and massages your internal organs. It is literally beyond words, quietening the mind and transporting you somewhere else, to an inner sacred place, somewhere peaceful and beautiful. In a sound journey, rather than watching a performance from the inside out, participants are encouraged to close their eyes and look within as they listen to the improvised, full spectrum sounds, watching feelings, observing emotions, watching the Watcher which leads one on the journey to encounter our peaceful Self; the Spark within.

These sessions will imbue you with a deep sense of relaxation, a lightness of being. Bear feels at last he has found a way to help his brothers and sisters in a really beautiful way.

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