Aida Diop

Aida has an infectious energy with an enigmatic personality and freely shares her knowledge, skill and joviality without holding back.

Born in Ouakam village; home of the Lebou ethnic group of Senegal. The Lebou are mainly a fishing community speaking Wolof.

Aida started dancing Sabar at a very young age. Together with other artists, they formed the group 'Jappo' meaning 'together' in Ouakam. From this group, Aida was scouted by Landing Mane, who became her mentor and teacher in 1997. She added djembe dancing to her repertoire and went on to join Ballets Africain de Sanghoma leading to a tour with Daara-j in Senegal and abroad.

In 2009 Aida joined Bakalama de Thionkessyl for the opportunity to teach Sabar and Djembe dance at the American school at the U.S Embassy in Senegal. In 2010 Aida moved to the UK working alongside Landing Mane, participating in various workshops, working at various festivals such as Womad and Drum Camp with Ballet Nimba; with whom she toured the UK. In addition, Aida has carried out workshops in various schools and venues and holds regular weekly classes.

Aida will be teaching West African Djembe dance intermediate and advanced level.

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Year Contributions
2018 Workshops & performance
2017 Workshops & performance